Location: LCD SUNNY

Square: 78.9м2

Project history: this is an apartment for a young girl. The customer came to us with a request to completely transform the apartment, which she has been using for delivery for several years, but now wants to live in it on her own.

At the first meeting, there was a request to create a light interior, with a couple of accents, but we felt the customer differently and offered something new. Love happened, and in the end we got a house full of bold receptions, bright, wine color and interesting prints on wallpaper and textiles. A spacious kitchen-living room, a cozy bedroom and a guest room combined with an office — everything was linked and arranged.

We are sure that the family and guests will definitely appreciate the wonderful taste of the hostess of such a house.

More about the project on our instagram using the hashtag #lighthouse_alwinery.

Instagram Hashtag Lighthouse
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