Square: 73.5м2

Project history: this is an apartment for a young couple. The customers decided to remake the apartment completely for themselves, in which a rough repair was made — Whitebox.

We have designed the layout so that it fully meets the needs. But the main feature was something else — namely, the main color. Gray. The completely gray interior, all the details and even the ceilings, are made in a deep cold gray color scheme. We were able to add elements reminiscent of rocks and cracks in the stone, which ultimately led us to this name — «gray cave». This house is only for two, which is why we created it this way, individual and unique.

This project is a real treasure, not only we think so, but also our customers. Let this house be for them a real secluded gray refuge in this gray world)

More about the project in our instagram on the hashtag #lighthouse_greycave

Instagram Hashtag Lighthouse
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